UPDATE : Monday, August 10, 2020
Rheumatoid arthritis drug Rinvoq gets insurance benefit by Kim Eun-young 2020-08-07 14:34
Regulator OKs Pfizer's BRCA mutation breast cancer treatment by Lee Han-soo 2020-08-05 16:02
Hanmi, MSD sign licensing agreement for hepatitis treatment by Shim Hyun-tai 2020-08-05 15:24
Korean biopharmaceutical market expands on biosimilar export growth by Kim Chan-hyuk 2020-08-04 15:46
Medpacto to unveil trial results at European conference by Lee Han-soo 2020-08-04 14:44
Drugmakers tap home fitness market amid Covid-19 by Kim Chan-hyuk 2020-08-04 11:22
Medpacto to develop test kit for metastatic breast cancer by Shim Hyun-tai 2020-08-03 17:51
AbbVie’s hepatitis C drug Maviret gets expanded regulatory nod by Shim Hyun-tai 2020-08-03 17:51
Boryung’s SCLC treatment wins orphan drug status by Lee Han-soo 2020-08-03 16:48
Daewoong's Q2 earnings plummet amid legal battle with Medytox by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-31 16:58
"Multinational pharma use illegal kickbacks to benefit executives, headquarters" by Kim Yun-mi, Lee Han-soo 2020-07-31 13:54
‘Nabota alleviates sleep bruxism’ by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-30 17:23
Hugel to export HA filler to Indonesia by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-29 17:23
GC applies for P2 trials of plasma therapy for Covid-19 by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-29 14:45
GC Labcell turns profitable in Q2 by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-28 14:11
Daewoong to export Genomictree's Covid-19 diagnostic kit by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-27 15:17
AZ’s 3-in-1 inhaler for COPD to compete with GSK’s Trelegy by Kim Yun-mi 2020-07-27 15:09
Genexine wins regulatory nod for Covid-19 vaccine trial by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-24 17:10
'Eylea T&E therapy ideal in treating wAMD' by Lee Han-soo 2020-07-24 11:29
Regulator OKs Keytruda for head and neck cancer therapy by Shim Hyun-tai 2020-07-23 17:57
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