UPDATE : Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Dr. Song´s medbiz column
An emergency medicine specialist, Song Hyoung-gon served as head of the emergency department at Samsung Medical Center and vice president and spokesman of the Korean Medical Association. He is now the CEO of GemVax & KAEL. Contact him at cprkings@gmail.com.- Ed.
[Column]Nothing is cheap -- and good
On May 31, Korean Medical Association declared the breakdown of negotiation...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2018-06-05 11:47
[Column]Brokerage reports and biotech stock prices
A local brokerage house issued a report named “Bio bubbles in small-medium ...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2018-04-20 17:29
[Column] Look ahead 10 years before investing
It is said that waiting is the answer when it comes to new drugs that usual...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-12-13 17:48
[Column] Trauma surgeon Lee, an oddball of lunatic energy
Ajou University Hospital’s regional trauma center officially opened on June...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-11-29 09:30
[Column] Make haste slowly
It has already been 100 days since the inauguration of the new government o...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-08-30 11:52
[Column]‘BIO 2017’ revealed Korean government’s absence of policy
I attended the “2017 BIO International Convention” held in San Diego, Calif...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-06-29 15:38
[Column] Some thoughts on good manufacturing practice
In late February, I visited Ravensburg, Germany, to discuss the consignment...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-04-20 10:49
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