UPDATE : Friday, January 17, 2020
Deaths by suicides, infections surged in 2018: data by Song Soo-youn 2019-12-10 14:17
Samsung Bioepis to start P3 trial for Ontruzant in China by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-10 14:16
Sanofi, Hanmi to look for new partner to commercialize efpeglenatide by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-10 11:43
Samyang Biopharma USA, Talix Therapeutics to co-develop immunotherapy candidates by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-10 11:43
Samsung execs get jail term for destroying evidence by Jeong Sae-im 2019-12-10 11:43
Korea selected as 'Medical Tourism Destination of the Year' by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-09 17:43
AbbVie's releases new data for chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-09 17:42
Japan OKs Medipost's P2 trial of stem cell-serviced osteoarthritis treatment by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-09 16:15
Genematrix wins CE certification for respiratory disease virus detection kit by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-09 15:36
Will partial success of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug lead to FDA approval? by Kim Yun-mi 2019-12-09 14:39
New MSD labor union launched with fresh resolve by Jeong Sae-im 2019-12-09 14:37
Celltrion unveils long-term P3 trial results for Truxima in US by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-09 10:36
AMC unravels clues in treating relapsing, metastatic bladder cancer by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-06 18:22
Gemvax & Kael unveils P2 trial result for Alzheimer treatment by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-06 17:06
AbbVie’s Venclexta nears insurance benefit by Kim Eun-young 2019-12-06 16:35
Syntekabio, CHA Hospital to co-develop immunotherapy by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-06 16:32
Medpacto vows to become global company specializing in biomarker-based drugs by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-06 15:03
Petitioner demands broader benefit for ovarian cancer drug Zejula by Song Soo-youn 2019-12-06 15:02
China OKs Humedix's hyaluronic acid filler by Lee Han-soo 2019-12-06 15:02
Foreign trainee doctors to get easier extension of training by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-06 12:42
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