UPDATE : Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Ultrasonic image diagnostic device was No. 1 export item last year
Korea’s medical equipment exports totaled $2.92 billion (3.26 trillion won)...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-05-26 12:50
Symposium discusses 4th industrial revolution in medical field
With the advent of new technology that augments human abilities, many are t...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-05-25 15:16
Is Asia ready for digital transformation in healthcare?
Nearly eight out of 10 healthcare industry insiders believe that healthcare...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-05-24 11:07
Can ‘cloud tech’ revolutionize healthcare?
Cloud computing is now widely accepted by healthcare organizations worldwid...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-05-24 09:41
Korea, US university hospitals to cooperate in digital healthcare
The Chung-Ang University Hospital held an international symposium jointly w...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-05-23 11:16
Australian CEO stresses significant role of digital healthcare
Modern, efficient data management not only benefits doctors and patients in...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-04-17 11:57
‘Digital healthcare must have a connected ecosystem,’ Finnish expert says
In this era of the digital world and fourth industrial revolution, what is ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-04-13 12:08
Companies have to cooperate to develop ‘surgery robot’: KEIT
To target rapidly growing surgery robot market, domestic businesses need to...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-04-10 14:12
Samsung, MedyMatch tie up to ‘bring AI to curbside’
MedyMatch Technology and Samsung NeuroLogica, the healthcare subsidiary of ...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-03-31 10:48
MedyMatch develops AI-based brain bleed application to help identify stroke
MedyMatch Technology, a deep learning and artificial intelligence company, ...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-03-30 10:43
China delays merger of Canon and Toshiba Medical
The much-heralded merger of Canon and Toshiba Medical Systems is being dela...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-03-27 16:30
'Integrated operating room reduces surgical time, staffs'
The integration of operating room systems -- which controls various jobs do...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-03-23 11:24
'KIMES 2017' opens at COEX for 4-day run
“KIMES 2017,” the 33rd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Sho...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-03-17 11:51
China's economic retaliation spreads to healthcare sector
Korea’s export of medical supplies to China, including medicines, fell shar...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-03-16 09:39
'AI can't replace doctors'
When Korea’s go master Le Sedol suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of ...
by Lee Ki-seong  |  2017-03-14 14:11
InBody's export increase raises hopes for 2017 growth
InBody, a company analyzing body composition that registered record-high sa...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-03-02 16:20
‘KIMES 2017’ to open March 16
The 33rd International Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Sho...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-02-27 19:09
VR Use on the Rise in Medical Fields
It is predicted that VR (Virtual Reality) will be commonly used in medical ...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-02-15 18:07
AI to Create New Jobs in Medical Industry
The development of Artificial Intelligence is expected to impact society ac...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-02-10 12:42
How Medtronic fares after its integration with Covidien
Medtronic is the world’s largest independent medical technology development...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-02-06 08:22
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