UPDATE : Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Doctors should take lead in use of medical AI
Amid the mounting interests in and the use of artificial intelligence and b...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2019-11-08 20:27
KDA, KBR team up for global promotion of Korean medicine
Korean Diabetes Association (KDA), Korea’s first healthcare-focused English...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2019-11-08 14:09
‘Cancer patients suffered side effects after taking anthelmintic drug’
Some cancer patients took a deworming medicine to cure their disease but su...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2019-11-08 13:30
KIST-Dongguk researchers use composite images to track stem cell growth
Stem cells have long received significant attention recently because of the...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-07 16:27
AMC confirms efficacy of radiofrequency ablation therapy on thyroid cancer
A research team at Asan Medical Center has confirmed, through an extended f...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-07 15:20
8 Chinese medical schools delisted from world directory of medical schools
Eight Chinese medical schools have been delisted from the World Directory o...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2019-11-07 14:07
‘Lung cancer screening was effective in numerous studies’
Since the government started lung cancer screening in July, some experts ha...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2019-11-07 14:06
'AI accurately diagnoses abnormalities from chest X-rays'
Researchers at Seoul National University Hospital have confirmed that artif...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-07 08:25
Shorter residency in internal medicine causes treatment vacuum
As hospitals shortened internal medicine residency training from four to th...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2019-11-06 15:56
SNUBH 1st local hospital to get certification from global accreditor
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) said that it has become ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-06 14:08
‘Extracorporeal shock wave therapy effective in treating chronic prostatitis’
Researchers at St. Mary’s Seoul Hospital have confirmed the efficacy of ext...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-05 17:16
SMC's adoption of digital pathology solution draws attention
Samsung Medical Center(SMC)’s recent introduction of a digital pathology so...
by Park Gi-taek  |  2019-11-04 12:45
Korean researchers use genetic correction to treat congenital retinal disease
Researchers at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) and Toolgen, a loc...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-01 17:16
Hanyang University Medical Center goes research-centered
“If a hospital focuses only on patient care, it has little chance to grow. ...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-11-01 16:09
'Deep learning algorithm-based stimulation surgery effective in treating brain diseases'
A researcher at Seoul National University Boramae Hospital published the fi...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-10-30 16:24
Gene confirmed as new therapeutic target for refractory lung cancer
Researchers at Severance Hospital have found that suppressing yes-associate...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-10-30 16:06
Myongji Hospital opens new AI, big data center
Myongji Hospital opened the "New Horizon AI and Big Data Center," and held ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-10-30 14:01
‘Doctors’ group action is common around the world’
Physicians’ collective action is already common in the world, and people sh...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2019-10-29 16:06
[Special] Yongin Severance Hospital to go digital with innovation
This is an artist’s rendition of the newly built Yongin Severance Hospital,...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-10-28 15:45
Vindictive patient cuts off doctor’s thumb
Barely a year has passed since Lim Se-won, a psychiatrist at Kanguk Samsung...
by Kim Eun-young  |  2019-10-25 14:52
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