UPDATE : Friday, May 29, 2020
‘AstraZeneca Korea to redefine cancer treatments for patients’
It has been four months since Alisha Song came to Korea as AstraZeneca Kore...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-05-27 10:53
Druggists oppose government moves toward telemedicine
The Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA), a nonprofit organization of ph...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-26 20:16
MSD-Eisai combo therapy wins nod as indication for endometrial cancer
MSD said Tuesday that the combined use of its cancer immunotherapy Keytruda...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-26 17:30
'Crisis response center will change mental health service'
Koreans’ perception of mental hospitals is not very good, often regarding t...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-05-26 17:26
‘GSK's Synflorix prevents ear infection more effectively than PCV13’
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) released the results of a clinical study on Korea-Acu...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-26 17:26
Pediatric prescriptions plunged 76% in April amid coronavirus fears
Pediatric physicians and otolaryngologists suffered a massive revenue decli...
by Kim Eun-young  |  2020-05-26 15:45
Regulator suspends sales of 31 diabetes drugs citing possible carcinogen
The government said it ordered pharmaceutical firms to temporarily suspend ...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2020-05-26 14:50
Club-linked cases continue ahead of additional school reopening
Korea managed to contain new Covid-19 cases to below 20 again on Monday.How...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-26 13:56
‘I had to skip meals to examine travelers,’ says a doctor at Incheon airport
Incheon International Airport is at the frontline in the battle against the...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2020-05-26 11:48
Daewoong partners with Inventage Lab for long-acting drug
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said Monday that it would collaborate with Inventag...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-25 18:25
KHIDI, RIGHT Fund to cooperate on infectious disease research
The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and RIGHT Fund, a t...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-25 17:02
‘Covid-19 reveals urgent need to reform ER operation’
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of patient visits to the emergen...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2020-05-25 17:01
‘Multidomain intervention’ effective in relieving late-life depression
A research team at Ajou University Medical Center said it has discovered th...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-05-25 16:24
GSK’s HIV treatment to get insurance benefits
GSK Korea said that Dovato, its first two-drug regimen in a single pill as ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-05-25 14:55
Meditoxin’s future uncertain, even as final verdict nears
A recent series of development over Medytox’s botulinum toxin is making it ...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2020-05-25 14:38
Despite decline in new virus cases, club-linked infections spread wider
Korea reported new Covid-19 cases of below 20 on Monday, but health officia...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-25 12:31
Covid-19 kills demand for plastic surgery: survey
The new coronavirus pandemic hit medical institutions in general and plasti...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2020-05-25 12:24
Immunis Bio files patent for shaking culture of immune cells
Immunos Bio said Thursday that it registered a patent on the shaking cultur...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-22 18:24
SLS Bio scores nod for exporting Covid-19 test kits
SLS Bio has won approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to expor...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-05-22 17:31
Fall in new Covid-19 cases hampers developing treatment
Local drug companies are making an all-out effort to increase sites for cli...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2020-05-22 17:31
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