UPDATE : Thursday, August 6, 2020
New Parkinson’s drug Ongentys lands on Korea
SK Chemicals said Thursday it has won local marketing license for Ongentys ...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2019-11-28 14:52
Experts ascribe excessive diabetes hospitalization to lack of early treatment
Local diabetes experts on Wednesday stressed the need to treat diabetes at ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-28 11:26
Bristol-Myers Squibb Korea names new CEO
Bristol-Myers Squibb Korea said that it has appointed Kim Jin-young as the ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-28 11:26
SK Chemicals wins FDA nod for patch-type Alzheimer’s drug
SK Chemicals said it has obtained approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Admi...
by Jeong Sae-im  |  2019-11-27 18:24
Daewoong ends P3 trial for drug treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said that it has completed the phase 3 clinical tri...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-27 18:21
Vivozon stops short of meeting primary endpoint for P2b trial of nonnarcotic analgesics
Vivozon said that it has obtained good clinical results from the U.S. phase...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-26 18:48
Amgen releases analysis result showing benefits of LDL-C treatment
Amgen Korea said it has presented the analysis of its high cholesterol (LDL...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-26 17:05
Roche’s flu treatment Xofluza wins approval
A new influenza treatment has arrived in Korea in over 20 years.The Ministr...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-11-26 16:08
Immunotherapies give hope for esophageal cancer patients
In curing esophageal cancer, there has been no treatment option other than ...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-11-26 15:37
GC Labcell hands over NK cell-treating tech to US lab
GC Labcell said it has transferred its natural killer (NK) cell treatment t...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-26 15:33
SK Biopharm to speed up global advance through XCOPRI’s launch
SK Biopharmaceuticals will launch its antiepileptic drug, XCOPRI, in the se...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-26 14:16
Huons Global wins KGMP certification for BTX plant
Huons Global said that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has granted the...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-25 16:00
Gtree enrolls 200 patients for US trial of dry eye treatment
ReGenTree, the U.S. subsidiary of Gtree BNT, said that it has managed to en...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-25 14:49
Daewoong renews EU GMP certification for BTX plant
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said that it has renewed its EU good manufacturing ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-25 11:55
SK Biopharm's antiepileptic drug is 1st local medicine to win FDA nod independently
SK Biopharmaceuticals' XCOPRI, a treatment for partial-onset seizures i...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-22 17:03
Bridge Biotherapeutics aims to become global NRDO company
Bridge Biotherapeutics revealed its goal to become Korea's top no resea...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-22 15:10
‘SGLT-2 inhibitor may prevent retinopathy in type-2 diabetes’
Researchers at Ajou University Hospital said sodium-glucose cotransporter-2...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-21 15:21
‘Sprycel showed longer efficacy than nilotinib for chronic myeloid leukemia’
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has published the results of an observational st...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-21 14:26
CJ HealthCare to export gastric acid blocker to Thailand
CJ HealthCare said Thursday that it planned to export K-Cab (Ingredient: te...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-11-21 10:54
‘Japan much advanced than Korea in ALK-positive NSCLC treatment’
Japan moved fast to authorize to use lorlatinib, a third-generation targete...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-11-20 16:16
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