UPDATE : Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Heatwave death toll surpasses that of MERS... medical community calls it “public health crisis”
Patients suffering from thermal illnesses is increasing due to the continuo...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2018-08-07 16:48
Over 36.8 billion won worth of banned valsartan-based drugs sold last year
More than 36.9 billion won worth of banned antihypertensive drugs were pres...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-07 15:40
Beijing Northland mass produces Viromed’s NL003 for P3 clinical trial
Viromed said Tuesday that Beijing Northland Biotech, its Chinese partner, h...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-07 15:39
Government to reimburse surgery for morbidly obese
The Ministry of Health and Welfare recently published comprehensive guideli...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-07 15:38
Severance first in Korea to use LVAD transplant as heart therapy for infant
Severance Hospital medical staff examines the artificial heart linked to th...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-07 14:18
One-third of sunburn patients occur in August
The National Health Insurance Assessment and Service (HIRA) urged citizens ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-07 14:18
How bad are ‘mukbang’ shows, really?
There’s no way around it: Koreans are getting fatter. Lifestyle and dietary...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-07 11:08
‘Use of sleeping pills increases risk of cancer’
Professor Kim Hong-bae Researchers at Myongji Hospital have discovered th...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-07 11:08
‘Bayer’s liver cancer drug better than expected’
Bayer Korea’s liver cancer therapy Stivarga (regorafenib) is expected to st...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2018-08-06 18:21
59 Korea-made high blood pressure medications called back over cancer fears
Locally produced antihypertensive medication containing the active ingredie...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-06 17:50
MFDS to inspect cholera vaccine for WHO
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said that it has signed a technical se...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-06 14:33
Emergency rooms flooded with heat stroke patients amid 40-degree Celcius temperature
The scorching heat has turned the emergency room into a crisis zone with pa...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-06 14:33
‘CEO risk’ behind downfall of Nature Cell
Nature Cell CEO Ra Jeong-chan Nature Cell shares, which once went up to 6...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2018-08-06 14:33
NIBEC completes pre-clinical trial for peptide-based osteoporosis treatment
Nano Intelligence Biomedical Engineering Corp. (NIBEC) said Thursday that i...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-03 16:07
Chong Kun Dang gets license for generic immunosuppressant
Chong Kun Dang said it has obtained approval for Raparobell, a generic copy...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-03 15:38
Koreans buying ice cream, nutritional soups for pets in scorching heat
“It’s not just people who are hot in this weather. My dog gets hot, too. I’...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-03 14:59
GC Labcell, AbClon to develop CAR-NK cell treatment
GC Labcell CEO Park Dae-woo (left) and AbClon CEO Lee Jong-seo signed a coo...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-03 14:40
Korean drugmakers rush to establish US subsidiaries
Local pharmaceutical companies are rushing to establish subsidiaries in the...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-03 14:40
[Special] What makes Korean doctors move to US?
Even before the medical community could recover from the shocking incidence...
by Lee Min-ju  |  2018-08-03 14:39
Gangnam Severance gets patent for customized 3D bolus for breast cancer treatment
Gangnam Severance Hospital researchers have obtained a patent regarding a c...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-08-03 11:59
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