UPDATE : Monday, September 24, 2018
Pharmaceuticals seek niche with drug reformulation
Local pharmaceutical companies are striving to find a niche market by chang...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-09-03 16:49
Samyang’s Genexol ranks first in paclitaxel anticancer drug sales
Samyang Biopharm said Monday that Genexol, its paclitaxel anticancer drug, ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-09-03 16:42
Will ‘world’s first’ dog dementia treatment work?
A Korean drug company working on a treatment for dementia in dogs said that...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-09-03 15:44
Shire’s hemophilia A treatment gains insurance coverage
Shire Korea said Monday that Adynovate, its long-lasting factor VIII gene r...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-09-03 14:35
JW unveils foam-type disinfectant
JW Pharmaceutical said Monday that it has released Scren Gel Spray, a foam-...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-09-03 14:35
Biotech’s big license-out deals calm concerns about bubble
Korean pharmaceutical and biotech companies have won 1.7 trillion won ($1.5...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-09-03 14:21
‘₩5 trillion Thai market attractive to Korean drugmakers
Korean drugmakers should aggressively seek to tap into Thailand’s pharmaceu...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-31 16:27
Gyeonggi science institution transfers drinking osteoporosis treatment to Dongkook
GBSA CEO Han Eui-noung and Dongkook Pharmaceutical R&D department head Song...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-31 15:47
Global ban on promotional aids adds burden on local drugmakers
Korean pharmaceutical firms are agonizing over the latest code of ethics by...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-31 14:35
Shire’s hereditary angioedema therapy gets insurance coverage
Shire Korea said Friday that Firazyr, a medicine used to treat acute attack...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-31 13:10
MFDS approves Eisai hepatoma medication as 1st-line treatment
Eisai Korea said Thursday that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approve...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-30 17:13
GC expands indications for its influenza vaccine
GC said Thursday that it has received additional approval from the Ministry...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-30 14:13
FDA to resume biologic licensing procedure for Nabota
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administr...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-30 11:26
‘Flu vaccine VaxigripTetra fit for upcoming flu season’
Sanofi Pasteur Korea said its four-strain influenza vaccine VaxigripTetra, ...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2018-08-30 10:47
Medytox finishes sales approval application for its BTX to Taiwan
Medytox said Wednesday that it has submitted a biologics license applicatio...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-29 14:33
Dongkook products denied entry into US after refusing FDA inspection
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added 10 Dongkook Pharmaceutica...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-29 11:58
Sanofi Genzyme unveils new atopy treatment
The Korean offshoot Sanofi Genzyme said Tuesday that it has launched Dupixe...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-28 16:42
Viagra impotent in competition against generics
Viagra (ingredient: sildenafil), the favored treatment for erectile dysfunc...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-08-28 16:05
3 out of 4 patients unable to tell original drugs from generics: survey
Consumers have started to claim their rights to selecting drugs amid the in...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-28 14:23
Daewoong Chairman to step down for insulting employees
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Chairman Yoon Jae-seung officially stepped down fro...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-08-27 17:58
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