UPDATE : Thursday, September 12, 2019
Yonsei professor publishes dietary book for ALD patients by Constance Williams 2017-09-06 17:04
‘Korea's spine therapy technology is incredible!’ by Constance Williams 2017-09-06 13:18
Transparency, accuracy vital for certifying medical institutions by Yang Geum-deok 2017-09-05 17:39
Severance, Samsung, FNI to develop VR-based healthcare tech by Lee Han-soo 2017-09-05 16:40
SMC treats over 10,000 gynecologic cancer patients by Lee Han-soo 2017-09-05 11:09
Idea combines with tech to create smart medical equipment by Yang Geum-deok 2017-09-05 10:39
Ewha Mokdong Hospital conducts over 50 liver transplant surgeries by Constance Williams 2017-09-04 15:28
Survey tracks reasons Chinese come to Korea for cosmetic surgery by Nam Doo-hyun 2017-09-04 14:20
Launch of Korea’s first for-profit hospital hinges on Jeju’s decision by Kwak Sung-sun 2017-09-01 16:38
KOICA to build 4 public health centers in Jordan by Constance Williams 2017-09-01 15:49
‘Hospital pharmacists need enhanced role’ by Lee Hye-seon 2017-09-01 14:26
Yonsei Cancer Center to join Novartis’ cancer drug development by Constance Williams 2017-09-01 11:43
SNUH to provide faster emergency service by Constance Williams 2017-08-31 16:34
Medical costs soar at big 5 hospitals by Yang Geum-deok 2017-08-30 17:03
AMC conducts 10,000 knife-free radiosurgery for brain disease by Constance Williams 2017-08-30 15:02
365mc marks sharp increase in foreign patients by Lee Han-soo 2017-08-24 18:14
4 ‘excellent’ hospitals selected for attracting foreign patients by Marian Chu 2017-08-24 15:32
Infections at intensive care units decrease in past decade by Marian Chu 2017-08-24 11:56
3D printing used to reconstruct jawbone for oral cancer patients by Lee Han-soo 2017-08-23 18:34
Gachon offers training program for foreign doctors by Lee Han-soo 2017-08-23 16:53
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