UPDATE : Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Hugel wins patent for liquid-form botox by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-12 14:31
GCAM opens new plasma collection centers in US by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-09 17:58
Asian-Oceanian neurologists gather in Seoul to explore new possibility by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-09 16:41
Hanmi applies for breakthrough therapy designation for lung cancer drug by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-09 16:41
Global experts discuss convergence of AI, medical sector by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-09 15:00
Sanofi releases 2 clinical trial results for antidiabetic treatment by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-08 17:13
Vatech posts ₩54.8 billion in Q3 sales by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-08 15:47
GC launches Biocon’s antidiabetic biosimilar by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-08 15:46
Ildong Hyaltech to export HA filler to Brazil by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-08 15:16
Dong-A ST’s athlete’s foot treatment exceeds annual sales of ₩10 billion by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-08 15:16
Lunit prepares to enlist on KOSDAQ by 2020 by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-07 16:48
‘Korea fighting losing battle against antimicrobial resistance’ by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-07 16:07
Ministry OKs P1 clinical trials for JW’s atopy treatment by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-07 16:06
Huons completes P3 clinical trials for Hutox by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-07 12:26
Sanofi confirms continuous therapeutic benefits for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis treatment by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-06 11:09
Samsung BioLogics to complete Biogen’s call option by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-06 10:45
SMC completes 20 cases of artificial heart transplant by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-06 10:44
GTG Wellness to export body composition analyzer to Australia by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-05 16:32
Does Korean traditional cold remedy work? by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-05 15:25
GC starts developing shingles vaccine in US by Lee Han-soo 2018-11-05 13:31
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