UPDATE : Saturday, February 22, 2020
Korean delegation attends medical expo in Chile
The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW보건복지부) has dispatched a digital hea...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-09-04 17:36
Ewha Mokdong Hospital conducts over 50 liver transplant surgeries
Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital이화여자대학교 목동병원 has recently conducted ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-09-04 15:28
KOICA to build 4 public health centers in Jordan
The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a government-funded age...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-09-01 15:49
Yonsei Cancer Center to join Novartis’ cancer drug development
Yonsei Cancer Center said Thursday it has been appointed as Novartis’ “Asia...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-09-01 11:43
SNUH to provide faster emergency service
Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) said it will provide faster emerg...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-31 16:34
Huons to export botulinum toxin worth W100 bil.
Huons said Thursday it has agreed with major companies from Europe, Russia ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-31 15:23
KIST team develops AI virus detection sensor
A research team, including Dr. Suh Min-ah of Korea Institute of Science and...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-31 13:25
‘Men, women attempt suicide for different reasons’
Korean men and women had different reasons for attempting a suicide, a stud...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-31 10:52
AMC conducts 10,000 knife-free radiosurgery for brain disease
The Asan Medical Center's (AMC) Radiation Surgery Center performed knif...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-30 15:02
Cho-A Pharma awarded gold for children’s multi-vitamin drink
Cho-A Pharmaceutical's children's multi-vitamin drink Jalkton won t...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-30 11:28
Ministry to establish safety standards for liquid nitrogen
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced Tuesday that it will enhance...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-29 15:25
GemVax & Kael preps for P2 of Alzheimer's treatment
Korean biopharmaceutical firm GemVax & Kael said it has started to recruit ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-29 11:49
CMG Pharma to export erectile dysfunction drug to Philippines
CMG Pharmaceuticals, an affiliate company of CHA Health Systems that specia...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-28 16:04
SK Chem supplies world’s first quadrivalent flu vaccine
SK Chemicals said Monday it has started supplying the world's first qua...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-28 11:54
Health ministry, KCDC to evaluate nation’s health security
The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Centers for Disease Contro...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-28 11:27
Researchers develop microdroplet device to detect bacteria
A Korean research team has developed a microdroplet device based on surface...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-18 16:57
Dong-A Socio to supply contraceptives to Vietnam
The Dong-A Socio Group said it would step up efforts to penetrate the Vietn...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-18 16:25
Samyang develops multiple myeloma tablets for elderly
Samyang Biopharmaceuticals has developed Lenalidomide, a therapeutic agent ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-18 12:02
Pfizer gets FDA nod for lymphoid leukemia drug
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Thursday approved Besponsa (com...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-18 10:25
Monsanto, ToolGen sign licensing agreement for CRISPR
ToolGen툴젠, a local genome engineering company, has signed a global license ...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-08-17 16:32
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