UPDATE : Saturday, March 28, 2020
2 drugmakers react differently to coronavirus pandemic by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-26 13:36
Price negotiations begin for breast cancer combo drugs by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-25 16:25
‘Outbreak will stop when 60% of Koreans become immune to COVID-19’ by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-24 16:19
Study begins to compare 2 treatments for mild COVID-19 patients by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-24 13:35
Drug sales reps turning to digital promotions by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-23 16:15
‘No evidence for hypertension drug’s harmful effect on COVID-19 patients’ by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-18 16:48
HIV combo drug Dovato scores local nod by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-17 15:58
Medical group calls for reopening Gaeseong complex to make masks by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-12 17:07
COVID-19 robs local cardiologists of chance to present inspiring research by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-12 11:25
45 COVID-19 test kits waiting for approval by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-11 14:12
AbbVie’s Skyrizi expected to rock local psoriasis treatment market by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-11 11:29
Astellas’ Xospata wins license for acute myeloid leukemia by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-09 16:40
295 Koreans to get remdesivir to fight COVID-19 by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-09 11:05
Takeda begins developing COVID-19 plasma therapy TAK-888 by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-06 14:35
Smart patient monitoring system installed at KUMC’s coronavirus facility  by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-05 15:46
Korea nods testing remdesivir in COVID-19 patients by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-04 13:46
US firm to test potential coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273 by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-03 15:29
‘S. Korea should pay attention to North’s coronavirus control’ by Kim Yun-mi 2020-03-02 17:53
US begins to test remdesivir for COVID-19 treatment by Kim Yun-mi 2020-02-26 15:21
Will Korean COVID-19 patients get to use remdesivir for compassionate use? by Kim Yun-mi 2020-02-24 17:41
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