UPDATE : Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Korea to ease 15 regulations on biopharmaceuticals by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-15 16:36
After spotting mental problem, 30% puts off treatment for over 1 year by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-14 15:42
Korea seeks to lead international standards for medical 3D printing by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-13 16:26
Mysterious pneumonia case unrelated to China outbreaks by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-13 16:24
Korea to invest ₩420 billion in new drugs, medical devices, brain research by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-10 14:24
[New Year Special] Korean healthcare gears up for new decade of global business by Kwak Sung-sun 2020-01-03 14:15
Work hour limit reduces trainee doctors’ time to prepare for specialist exam by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-31 13:33
Gore agrees to supply artificial blood vessels for children by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-31 10:29
Physicians who died at work by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-29 11:03
Medical research ethics tarnished by scandal involving former justice minister’s daughter by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-28 12:12
New Year began with shocking death of psychiatrist by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-26 14:12
Korea to use AI in healthcare in earnest next year by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-18 14:39
Korea, China, Japan to cooperate on universal health coverage, infectious disease, aging by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-16 12:47
UK reviewer calls herbal medicine study for infertility ‘not science’ by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-10 15:47
Foreign trainee doctors to get easier extension of training by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-06 12:42
Korea exports health insurance system to Bahrain by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-05 16:12
[Special] Severe blood shortage keeps some hospitals from conducting surgeries by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-12-02 13:42
Korea good at cancer treatment, bad at outpatient drug control by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-11-18 14:02
Korea’s growing reliance on China for raw material drugs worrisome by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-10-28 11:47
Government strongly recommends against using liquid e-cigarettes by Kwak Sung-sun 2019-10-23 15:47
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