UPDATE : Monday, July 13, 2020
Choi’s View on Healthcare Innovation
Choi Yoon-sup is a convergence bioscience expert, a future healthcare scientist, and an entrepreneur who studies digital healthcare. He is Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Digital Healthcare Partners (DHP, Inc.), a company that nurtures startup firms.—Ed.
[Column] Temporary nod for telemedicine against COVID-19 too hasty 
While the world was going all out to contain the new coronavirus (COVID-19)...
by Choi Yoon Sup  |  2020-03-17 11:01
[Column] Meaning of competent AI doctor
“Artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed that outperform doctors.” ...
by Choi Yoon Sup  |  2020-02-17 17:00
[Column]Korea’s healthcare industry: Do flowers blossom in desert, too?
A few days ago, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety held a conference unde...
by Choi Yoon Sup  |  2018-10-31 11:28
[Column] What makes telemedicine controversial?
Whether Korea should allow telemedicine has been controversial several time...
by Choi Yoon Sup  |  2018-09-05 15:21
[Column] Regulation stifles innovative healthcare
I review a lot of initial business plans for healthcare startups – pr...
by Choi Yoon Sup  |  2018-06-20 15:38
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