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Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea, Labor-Management ConflictThe labor union says “no compensation paid for the work”
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2017.01.13 16:15
  • Updated 2017.02.20 17:02
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The Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea Co., Ltd is in trouble because of conflicts between labor and management. The labor union at the Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea held a rally in front of its headquarter in Seoul on the 10th to point out low wage, unfair personnel system and various scandals.

The union demanded 13.5% pay increase, but the management suggested 4% increase. The negotiation was broken. The union strongly complained about the pay and personnel systems at this company.

A unionist said, “The Company recorded sales worth of more than 20billion won from two products each. But the compensation was minimal. Unlike other pharmaceutical companies, people who work at the office get more pay and bonus than those who work at a sales department. And even though its pay system is set on an annual basis, the company talks about incentives that aren’t written in the document about employment rules. And the company sets the sales’ goal too high.”

In the rally, the unionists urged the company to change by chanting, “The pay system should be clearly operated”, and “The Company should pursue transparent management and provide pay based on the profits it made.”

The union plans to change unfair pay and personnel systems by holding a rally when people from the Japanese headquarter visited Korea for audit for 2 weeks.

It plans to let people know the problems in a picketing rally.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea said, “we continue to discuss the pay issue with the labor union.”

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca Korea and Sanofi haven’t made an agreement with the labor union.

On the other hands, the Zuellig Pharma Korea has agreed on pay and a collective agreement with its labor union.


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