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Ministry report food safety steps to PM
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.08.09 17:17
  • Updated 2017.08.09 17:17
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The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety reported measures to protect children from the harms of “nitrogen-laced snacks” to Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon이낙선 Wednesday.

The ministry stressed the need to pay particular attention to the safety management of food enjoyed by children, including defective foods, and false labeling, considering that children are unaware of the consequences.

An incident happened last Thursday when a 12-year-old boy gulped down leftover liquid nitrogen from nitrogen-injected crackers called the “Yonggari Snack.”

Medical staff announced that the boy’s stomach was perforated with a 5-centimeter-wide hole, along with multiple freeze-burns found in his throat and stomach, requiring treatment over the next few months.

The ministry’s safety management measures include prohibiting the sale of liquid nitrogen residual food, toughening the punishments of violators, stepping up guidance during school vacations, educating food makers, and enhancing publicity campaigns.

Also included are conducting surveys on the use of food additives such as dry ice, and the introduction of a relief system to provide substantial compensation for consumer damage, the ministry said, adding it would continue to provide information on food manufacturing, processing and sales for the safety of the children.


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