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Yunmai enters Korean market with local branch
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.08.17 16:50
  • Updated 2017.08.17 16:50
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Yunmai윈마이, a smart healthcare company headquartered in China, has set up its first overseas branch in Korea and announced plans to launch its products domestically in earnest, the company said Thursday.

A Yunmai Health App user scrolls through the application’s complete health tracking system synced to “Yunmai 2,” a smart healthcare scale with a cardan shaft foot stand.

Lee Kyung-kyu, a local businessman well versed in the domestic online industry, will head the Korean branch, the company said.

“Yunmai’s entry is not merely an export of Chinese goods but an effort to create local products for Koreans through localization,” Lee said. “We plan to launch our new, updated products next month.”

The company first made its first domestic presence in December 2015 with an analyzing tool that offers data on 10 factors, such as body mass, muscle and water content, and BMI, among others. The company has since recorded accumulated sales of 110,000 units at online shopping malls, Yunmai said.

Yunmai will celebrate its third anniversary by holding a media event in Korea, indicating the company’s high expectations for the Korean market and the nation’s rapidly growing healthcare industry, it said.

The company also secured a $10 million investment from LB Investment last month, which will be used to develop products with character licenses in Korea to further expand to the Japanese market, the company added.


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