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Gachon offers training program for foreign doctors
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.08.23 16:53
  • Updated 2017.08.23 17:25
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Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center offered a three-day medical training program for foreign doctors last week, as part of its efforts to attract foreign patients and seek overseas expansion, the hospital said Friday.

The program from Aug. 16-18 was aimed to draw foreign patients and seek cooperative businesses between medical workers in Korea and the Middle East and other Asian nations. Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center, Incheon Tourism Organization인천광관공사, and MGB Endoscopy co-sponsored the program

Foreign doctors participate in an endoscopy operation using a dummy at Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center in Incheon. (Courtesy of Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center)

The training course included not only experiencing the medical technology of Gachon University Gil Medical Center but using the Korean-made medical equipment. The trainees observed laparoscopic and arthroscopic procedures using made-in-Korea medical devices and participated in related discussions.

"Unike traditional medical training, the program provided chances to not only learn about Korea’s advanced medical technology but also use domestic medical devices,” said Kim Sun-tae 김선태, head of Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center. “Through this program, we hope to attract overseas patients, acquire overseas cooperation and secure a base to expand the export of domestic medical devices.”

The trainees plan to transfer patients, who need difficult treatment, to the medical center after returning home. They will also likely serve as medical professionals who spread the superiority of Korean medical devices in their countries, the hospital said.

Foreign doctors were positive, too. “I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to directly experience the excellent medical technology of Gachon University Gil Medical Center,” said a foreign participant. “I plan to take patients, who are difficult to treat in my country, to this medical center.”

Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center가천 의료기기 융합센터 is the nation’s first medical device training center established by Gachon University Gil Medical Center on June 24. The hospital opened the center to raise the understanding of domestic medical devices not familiar to medical workers and gather opinions from people who work in clinical fields.


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