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365mc marks sharp increase in foreign patients
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.08.24 18:14
  • Updated 2017.08.24 18:14
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365mc, Korea’s largest obesity clinic, has drastically increased their foreign patients after tailoring to specific racial needs, the hospital said Thursday.

The clinic focused on the perspective that every county, race, and culture has different views of beauty, which led to the 48.8 percent increase in the number of foreign patients between 2013 and last year, it said.

“Although many believe that women want slim legs, narrow waists, and voluptuous bosoms, every country has their respective preferences and charm points,” a clinic official said, adding that women from different countries and ethnicities all had different standards of beauty. Beauty standards included slimness, pelvis width, and bosom size.

Although preferred body shape is different among countries, they all seek beauty in common, it said.

“Since the various countries have different ideal body shapes, they prefer hospitals that can identify the characteristics of each country and provide the best possible procedure,” said Kim Ha-jin, president of 365mc. “It is necessary to correctly understand the customer's needs and the physical characteristics of each race in carrying out liposuction surgery and other procedures.”

365mc, headquartered in southern Seoul, is Korea’s largest obesity clinic that offers bariatric surgery, liposuction surgery, calf reduction, diet therapy, behavioral modification, medication therapy, injection therapy and mechanical therapy.

It has 17 branches in Korea, including two hospitals specializing in liposuction.


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