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Ferring’s offshoot swindled by email mimicking headquarter office
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2017.08.25 17:54
  • Updated 2017.08.25 17:54
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Ferring Pharmaceuticals has recently been conned out of tens of millions of won, depositing goods payment at a false account deceived by an email pretending to be its headquarter office.

According to the pharmaceutical industry and the police, Ferring페링제약got an email from its headquarters telling its bank account changed and sent tens of millions of won in product payment to the account. Belatedly, it knew the bank account wasn’t related to the headquarters and reported the case to the police.

"We are investigating, and it’s difficult to solve it immediately. There are many things to investigate, starting with foreign IP address,” a police officer said. “However, we have confirmed the false account was a Chinese bank account through its IP."

The police also asked for the Chinese authorities cooperation.

Other multinational pharmaceutical companies operating here described it as an “incomprehensible case.”

“If we get an email about changed a bank account to send product payment, we have to cross-check it with the headquarters. As I know, most companies have the same system,” said an official at a multinational pharmaceutical. “This never would have happened.”

Another official showed a similar response. "Even though the email is from the headquarters, the finance team should check why the bank account changed through the phone,” he said.

Ferring would not say much about it. “The person responsible for it is away. We will call you back later," a company official said.


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