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CMG Pharma to export erectile dysfunction drug to Philippines
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.08.28 16:04
  • Updated 2017.08.28 16:04
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CMG Pharmaceuticals, an affiliate company of CHA Health Systems that specializes in orally disintegrating films (ODF) in Korea, said Monday it has concluded a deal to export Tadalafil ODFs to Kyura Healthcare, a Filipino pharmaceutical company.

Under the contract, Tadalafil ODFs worth $2 million will be sold in the Philippines’ erectile dysfunction market over the next five years, after the local product registration is completed.

CMG Pharmaceuticals erectile dysfunction treatment

ODFs are fast disintegrating thin films where drugs are incorporated in the form of matrix using hydrophilic polymer. When placed on the tongue, it immediately hydrates by soaking saliva and disintegrates when releasing its active pharmaceutical agent from the dosage form.

Kyura Healthcare will supply the product throughout the Philippines through distribution channels of a local pharmaceutical firm.

Recognized in product design and efficacy, CMG Pharma has already signed $1.6 million contract to sell Tadalafil ODFs in Hong Kong and Macao, and another $1.2 million one in Taiwan.

"The preliminary promotion of Tadalafil in the field of Urology in the Philippines has received a very positive response and we will continue to target the global market in the future,” said Lee Joo-hyung이주형, CEO of CMG Pharma.

CMG PharmaCMG제약 is currently in the process of registering Aripiprazole ODFs in the U.S. and is accelerating globalization by carrying out export negotiations for HyFence, an adhesion inhibitor, with leading medical device companies in Turkey.


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