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Cho-A Pharma awarded gold for children’s multi-vitamin drink
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.08.30 11:28
  • Updated 2017.08.30 11:28
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Cho-A Pharmaceutical's children's multi-vitamin drink Jalkton won the gold prize at the Golden Awards ceremony hosted by the Vietnamese Association of Functional Foods (VAFF), the company said Wednesday.

The VAFF Golden Awards is the 4th annual award ceremony for the selection of innovative brands in the health functional food sector in Vietnam.

Out of the companies selected this year, Cho-A Pharma’s Jalkton was the only Korean product that was credited for its quality, and was awarded with the honor of receiving the “Golden Award” logo.

Cho-A Pharmaceuticals representative pose with its gold prize for Jalkton at the Golden Awards ceremony in Vietnam.

Jalkton has sold more than 70,000 bottles to date since its first export to Vietnam in 2013, becoming a leading health drink for children's growth and brain development there.

"With the 'Golden Award' logo, consumer confidence in the children's health functional foods of Cho-A Pharma조아제약 will be further enhanced,” said Chung Ho-suk정호석, head of Cho-A Pharma’s Vietnam office. "We plan to expand our lineup with the development of Jalkton-related series products and premium quality products that are differentiated from other companies and become a representative brand for children's health functional foods in Vietnam.”


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