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GSK tops clinical trial transparency
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.08.30 11:56
  • Updated 2017.08.30 11:56
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GlaxoSmithKline said it ranked No.1 out of 46 pharmaceutical companies in clinical trial transparency, according to the AllTrials Transparency Index survey.

The AllTrials Transparency Index is the first audit study that systematically measures the level of implementation of self-declared policies, the company said.

GSK recorded a total of 1,041 points for each of the examined four criteria -- clinical trial registration, research methods and results summary, clinical study reports (CSRs), and individual patient data.

As the first pharmaceutical company to declare support for full disclosure of clinical research reports under its All Trials campaign in early 2013, the British pharmaceutical giant has shared clinical research papers on its medical products since its establishment in 2000, including those that have been approved or have ceased development, the company said.

“We believe the pharmaceutical company’s efforts to strengthen clinical trial transparency will foster trust in the industry itself and serve a significant role in scientific progress and in serving the patient’s interest,” said GSK Korea President Hong Yoo-suk.

GSK currently publishes its clinical research information on its GSK Clinical Study Register, a publicly accessible website.

The company also launched an online system that allows independent scientists to request access to anonymous individual patient data from GSK clinical trials to encourage further research and to help improve patient care.

Although not reflected in the index evaluation, the company also said it has recently strengthened transparency policy standards by reducing the time it takes to post clinical results from 8-18 months after completion to 12 months within completion.

“We will continue our efforts to raise GSK’s policies and commitment to transparency and to implement it actively,” GSK President Hong added.

The main results of the survey, recently published in the July edition of British Medical Journal, can be found on the All Trials Transparency Index homepage.


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