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Yonsei Cancer Center to join Novartis’ cancer drug development
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.09.01 11:43
  • Updated 2017.09.01 13:46
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Yonsei Cancer Center said Thursday it has been appointed as Novartis’ “Asia-Pacific Regional Research Hub Center” to participate in the multinational pharmaceutical firm’s pre-clinical studies to treat lung cancer.

The center will consist of Professor Cho Byung Chul조병철, Professor Kim Hye-ryun김혜련, and Professor Hong Min-hee홍민히 of the Department of Internal Medicine at Yonsei Cancer Center and Dr. Pyo Gyung-ho표경호 of Yuhan-Yonsei Lung Cancer Institute유한-연세폐암연구소.

Through pre-clinical trials involving animal experiments and cell researches, the hospital will be able to investigate any toxicity of the new anti-cancer drug on humans and its therapeutic effects.

Professor Cho Byung-chul, Professor Kim Hye-ryun, and Dr. Pyo Gyung-ho

The hospital will also establish clinical research plans for patients in the Asia-Pacific region after the new drug passes preclinical studies and oversee the progress of the research plans.

"Domestic hospitals have participated only in clinical trials of multinational pharmaceutical firms. But now we can join their preclinical studies, which is the first step of new drug development," said Cho.

He hope that the hospital can obtain the latest technology through the center and introduce new drugs to Korea to help many patients with refractory lung cancer.


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