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Penalty raised for ‘corpse selfies’ by 10-fold
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.09.01 15:06
  • Updated 2017.09.01 15:06
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The Ministry of Health and Welfare said Thursday that it would impose a 5 million won ($4,455) fine on medical personnel that takes and uploads “selfies” with dead bodies on social media platforms.

The National Assembly passed a revision law on the dissection and preservation of corpses at the plenary session, raising the penalty ten-fold from the previous 500,000 won ($445), the ministry said.

In February, five doctors - including orthopedic professors – sparked controversy after taking a commemorative selfie after a foot dissection exercise and uploading it online.

In the picture, the doctors stood with their arms crossed in front a dissected body part with the caption, “very informative…also stimulating.”

In the same month, a nursing student also took and uploaded a picture of a body dissection exercise with the hashtags, “#cadavar #training #badass” on her Instagram page.

The revised law states that those who violate ethical and professional conduct of corpses can face an additional fine not exceeding 10 million won or one year in jail, which is an increase from the previous fine under three million won or one year in prison.


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