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Drugmakers adopt VR in sales, promotion
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2017.09.11 17:21
  • Updated 2017.09.11 17:21
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Korean drugmakers have set out to use virtual reality programs to promote and sell their products.

Pharmaceutical companies introduced VR devices to explain the treatment mechanism of hypercholesterolemia at a conference hosted by Korean Society of Lipid & Atherosclerosis (KSoLA)한국지질•동맥경화학회 in the Conrad Seoul Friday and Saturday.

In the conference, Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical종근당, which bought a right to sell Atozet from MSD Korea 한국MSD, explained Lipilow (atorvastatin) and Atozet (ezetimibe/atorvastatin) using VR devices.

Drugmakers introduce VR devices to explain the treatment mechanism, at an academic conference hosted by KSoLA in the Conrad Seoul Friday and Saturday.

Earlier, MSD Korea also announced it had adopted a VR program for selling its diabetes therapy, Januvia.

In the Chong Kun Dang booth, the company not just installed the VR program to explain the drug mechanism but a gadget to experience roller coaster VR.

"VR is popular. Some people tried to experience only games because they have already known the Statin mechanism,” a company official said. “The roller coaster means the Statin reduces cholesterol from the high to low level."

Amgen암젠 also installed VR device to promote its hypercholesterolemia therapy Repatha(evolocumab) released last month.

"The VR device explains how the product controls cholesterol. Sometimes, medical professionals try the device," an Amgen official said.

Earlier, Chong Kun Dang and MSD Korea stated that they would introduce VR marketing to provide product data through VR devices in their sales,

The two companies said if doctors wear the VR device and play “Januvia VR detail” through a smartphone, they can see a scene with various diabetes patients coming to a physician’s office for the consultation.

Also, doctors can get information about customized treatment strategy concerning different types of diabetes, including clinical data about Januvia, expected treatment effects, warnings from a virtual Januvia salesman.

However, others said the VR marketing has limitation given the sales feature of drugmakers because they have to provide important information as fast as possible in limited time.

"Busy doctors have to use the device if drugmakers apply VR marketing to the medical community but there is a limit to providing details," an industry executive said.


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