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Hanmi releases research result of new bio drug in Europe
  • By Lee Hye-seon
  • Published 2017.09.15 14:32
  • Updated 2017.09.15 14:32
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Hanmi Pharmaceutical released the results of two new bio drugs the company is developing, in the 53rd European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) from Aug. 11-15 in Lisbon.

Hanmi applied its LAPSCOVERY platform technology to the new drugs. More specifically, the technologies are YhLAPSTriple Agonist and LAPSGlucagon Analog, which showed the possibility to treat Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis(NASH) and Parkinson's disease from and the congenital hyperinsulinemia disease, respectively.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical released three research results, such as LAPSCOVERY-based new rare disease treatment, with demonstration and poster in the 53rd EASD conference held from Aug. 11-15 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The company released the pre-trial results of the two drugs.

LAPSTriple Agonist activates GLP-1 to release glucagon and insulin to increase energy metabolism and control appetite and GIP to release insulin and do anti-inflammatory in a body.

On Tuesday, in the poster announcement, the company said it had confirmed the neural protection of LAPSTriple Agonist after administering it to an animal with the Parkinson's disease, proving the possibility of treating the disease.

“There is no drug to treat NASH, and many global drugmakers have been conducting researches,” said Chio In-young최인영, manager of a research center at Hanmi, while explaining about LAPSTriple Agonist Wednesday. “We confirmed effects to improve inflammation and a fatty liver after the injection of LAPSTriple Agonist to the NASH animal model compared with existing GLP-1 single tablet.”

In the research, LAPSTriple Agonist showed a superior effect to improve hepatic fibrosis and the possibility of developing the therapy of hepatic fibrosis. Hanmi will conduct clinical trials shortly, Choi added.

LAPSGlucagon Analog(HM15136) is the glucagon drug with one shot a week to facilitate the composition of glucose in a body, and Hanmi said it would develop it as the therapy of the congenital hyperinsulinemia disease that has no treatment until now.

Hanmi confirmed LAPSGlucagon Analog had the superior solubility and safety against the previous glucagon in the similar environment of a body, in the poster announcement. And the drug proved an effect to improve blood sugar in the animal with the congenital hyperinsulinemia disease, the company added.

“Hanmi has examined the possibility of applying our core platform technology LAPSCOVERY to various areas such as NASH and rare diseases through active researches,” said CEO Kwon Se-chang권세창. “We will make the best effort to develop them successfully and commercialize them early for patients who have suffered from diseases.”


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