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3 large hospitals to collaborate on medical data
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.09.21 16:56
  • Updated 2017.09.21 16:56
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Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Asan Medical Center (AMC), and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) have signed an agreement to collaborate on ICT-based joint research on medical data, the SNUBH said Thursday.

The business agreement is to secure the competitiveness of world-class medical big data by combining their high-quality medical data, together, the largest in Korea, with advanced technologies such as ICT and artificial intelligence, hospital officials said.

Each institution will cooperate in research on the use of ICT-based medical data, analysis of medical data, and cooperation for the spread of artificial intelligence, as well as the sharing and spreading of knowledge held by each institution.

They will also work together to establish legal infrastructure related to the protection of personal information, and to provide realistic and sophisticated policies considering domestic policies and systems.

Lee Sang-doh (left), CEO of Asan Medical Center, Suh Chang-suk (center), president of Seoul National University Hospital, and Jheon Sang-hoon, CEO of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, pose for the camera after signing an agreement on medical big data collaboration, at SNUH on Wednesday.

In the future, the institutions will create various artificial intelligence-based research results for realizing precise healthcare such as customized diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and forecasting model using big pharmaceutical data such as clinical, genomic, and image information and comparative analysis of drugs’ effect, to contribute to the goal of promoting public health.

The institutions will also set up an open innovation platform to discover creative ideas for solving various medical problems and providing high-quality health care services for more patients.

"The paradigm of domestic healthcare services is shifting toward the individualized precision medicine by combining the latest IT technology with big data,” said Suh Chang-suk서창석, president of Seoul National University Hospital서울대병원. "In the field of medical information that encompasses big data, it is important to utilize collaboration and communication with the industry, so we will cooperate with relevant academic and industry, and especially strive to establish standards for security in data utilization."

Lee Sang-doh이상도, CEO of Asan Medical Center서울아산병원, said, "In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a need to create a desirable medical big data ecosystem through cooperation between hospitals in Korea, as there is a race to win the leadership of big medical data with unlimited potential worldwide.

Asan Medical Center will try to realize the precision medical care that fits the characteristics of Koreans using the nation’s largest high-quality clinical data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, he added.


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