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Jeil gets government support for new antidiabetic drug
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.09.25 11:58
  • Updated 2017.09.25 17:22
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Jeil Pharmaceuticals said Monday it has secured the government’s support to develop JP-2266, a diabetes medication.

The drug was chosen for the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s project to develop advanced medical technology, the company said.

Through the project, the company is expected to complete non-clinical GLP toxicity test and apply for phase 1 clinical trial in Korea and abroad over the next two years.

JP-2266, a low-molecular compound, is a daily oral therapeutic agent that can decrease the risk of hypoglycemia and is more convenient than the conventional insulin injections.

As a next-generation remedy, it is expected to replace insulin or used in combination with insulin, which can reduce insulin intake.

“Securing government support for JP-2266 proves the treatments pre-clinical efficacy as a next-generation oral type 1 diabetes drug,” said Kim Jung-min 김정민, head of research for Jeil Pharmaceuticals 제일약품.

JP-2266 has already been proven to be effective enough to replace or treated in combination with insulin in an animal trial. The company will do its best to succeed in preclinical and clinical trials to lower the risk of hypoglycemia and inconvenience of insulin administration in diabetic patients, he added.


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