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PNUH, KT to enter Kazakhstan’s’ digital healthcare market
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.09.26 17:45
  • Updated 2017.09.26 17:45
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Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH), KT, and Busan Techno Park held a ceremony to launch the Kazakhstan-Korea digital healthcare cooperation project, at the Aktobe Medical Center in Kazakhstan, the hospital said Tuesday.

PNUH부산대병원 signed a memorandum of understanding with Kazakhstan's major hospitals and government agencies for the digital healthcare pilot project last year and has been preparing for the project by conducting business feasibility studies and installing pilot facilities.

PNUH and KT use mobile diagnostic solutions (urinalysis, ultrasonography, and blood test diagnostic device) that can diagnose cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and prostate cancer with a small amount of blood and urine. Two Kazakh hospitals -- Alfarabi KazNU Medical Center and Aktobe Medical Center – have established the platform and practiced for international cooperation.

Through this, early diagnosis and timely treatment of patients will become possible, and the quality of the medical service in Kazakhstan can improve by managing and analyzing collected patient data.

Officials pose for the camera during the opening ceremony of Kazakhstan-Korea digital healthcare cooperation project at the Aktobe Medical Center in Kazakhstan, Tuesday. Among them are Park Ik-min (third from left), director of PNUH’s Convergence Medical Institute of Technology, Aktobe region governor Berdybek Saparbayev (fifth from left), and Koh Yoon-jeon (third from right), senior vice president of KT Future Business Development Unit.

"The establishment of a healthcare platform in Kazakhstan, which has the ninth-largest territory in the world, will be a major turning point in the improvement of the country’s medical environment, which is lacking in screening facility and expects to lower mortality rate,” said Park Ik-min박익민, director of PNUH’s Convergence Medical Institute of Technology.

Koh Yoon-jeon고윤전, senior vice president of KT Future Business Development Unit, also said, “This business in Kazakhstan is an opportunity to demonstrate the significance of the digital healthcare business in practice. Based on KT's ICT technology, we will expand our platform-based digital healthcare business and expand our market penetration by strengthening business models such as Big Data/AI-based disease prediction solutions.”

Aktobe region’s governor, Berdybek Saparbayev, also said, "Korea's digital healthcare has helped the health of the people of Kazakhstan, and we will continue to build and actively support our partners in the future.”


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