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Green Cross MS develop eco-friendly blood bag
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.10.12 15:31
  • Updated 2017.10.12 15:31
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Green Cross MS said Thursday that it has developed the first ecological main blood bag in Korea, which uses “DICNH,” an environment-friendly material

The blood bag is divided into two groups with the main bag storing red blood cells and transfer bag storing platelets and plasma. Eco-friendly products had already replaced transfer bags in 1997, but main bags with chemical ingredients are still used in most products worldwide.

The company started to develop its eco-friendly blood bag to replace the existing products in 2012. The product proved equivalent biological safety after a biological safety evaluation, prompting the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to approve the product.

“We plan to make the blood supply safer and more stable by releasing environment- friendly blood bags although it takes more time and money,” a company official said.

Green Cross MS 녹십자MS succeeded in developing the first disposable blood bag in Korea in 1972. The company has since been supplying more than a million blood bags annually to nine countries.


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