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Perverts – a hushed-up issue amid increasing sex offenders
  • By Kwak Sung-sun
  • Published 2017.10.26 14:20
  • Updated 2017.10.26 17:14
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While the number of sex offenders has increased in recent years, the number of paraphilia patients with “disorder of sexual preference” and “anti-social personality disorder” has remained low, a lawmaker said Thursday.

The number of sexual predators hit 29,414 last year, up 18.4 percent from 24,835 in 2013, according to data from the National Health Review & Assessment Service submitted to Rep. In Jae-keun of the ruling Democratic Party.

By type of sex offense, “rape and coerced molestation” took up the largest share at 79.2 percent, or 23,310 offenders, followed by “taking unwanted pictures” with 15.3 percent, or 4,499 offenders. “Expression of obscenity through communications and media” stood at 4 percent, or 1,163, and “trespassing in public places” was 1.5 percent, or 442.

However, only 326 people were diagnosed with a disorder of sexual preference, which is often called sexual perversion, last year. The figure is up from 116 in 2013 but is still a meager 11 percent of 29,414 sex offenders, compiled by the police.

The number of patients diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, who are often called a psychopath or sociopath, was also low at 231 last year.

“People who visit a hospital due to a disorder of sexual preference and anti-social personality disorder are forced to see the doctor after causing a social trouble. The actual number of such patients will be much higher than the statistics,” In said. “The health authorities should make sure to manage the mentally-ill people properly and prevent them from causing a social trouble and become a criminal.”


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