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CJ Healthcare opens anti-hangover research center
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.10.30 15:18
  • Updated 2017.10.30 15:18
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CJ Healthcare said Monday that it has opened Korea’s first anti-hangover research center.

CJ Healthcare officials pose in front of the plaque commemorating the opening of the anti-hangover research center

The center, located in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, will build on the company’s accumulated research and development (R&D) capabilities on “Condition,” Korea’s first hangover drink launched in 1992. To become a more effective hangover drink, it has received five total upgrades over the years and was the leading product in the hangover drink market in 2016, according to research conducted by Link Aztec.

The company CJ 헬스케어 plans to establish a new paradigm in the cutthroat hangover drink market by establishing the research center and securing materials that improve hangover resolution and seeking ways to utilize it.

The Korean hangover-cure industry had grossed more than 200 billion won ($165 million) in 2014, from the 110 billion won in 2008. The industry has expanded products ranging from pills, beverages, gums and ice creams.

CJ Healthcare's Condition

“The company will continue to excavate new substances with efficacy to relieve hangovers,” said Moon Byung-suk 문병석, head of the new research center. “We will also conduct studies to find new materials that relieve symptoms associated with hangovers.”

The company is set to release a premium hangover drink with new ingredients next month.

Korea spends about 23 trillion won on alcohol-related problems a year, according to a report by the Korea Alcoholic and Liquor Industry Association 한국주류산업협회 and the Ministry of Health and Welfare 보건복지부.


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