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Sewon Cellontech wins patents in Chile, Japan
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.11.10 15:27
  • Updated 2017.11.10 15:27
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Sewon Cellontech said Friday that it has completed its patent registration on “Duo-fill,” a bio-collagen for tissue reconstruction, in Chile, and another on a technology to manufacture biomaterials with rubber properties for regenerative medical products in Japan.

Duo-fill is a product that mixes bio-collagen, a biocompatible material, with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Bio-collagen has a mechanism of activating the platelets contained in the filler to release growth factors useful for reconstructing destroyed tissues such as bones and skin.

“With the patent registration (in Chile), the company expects to use its biocompatible substance to solve the immunity rejection problem of existing treatment methods,” said Seo Dong-sam 서동삼, managing director of the company. “At the same time, the company has acquired a footing in the emerging healthcare market in Latin America.”

Meanwhile, the patent in Japan is a technique that allows the production of biomaterials with rubber properties by inducing a natural crosslinking that mutually bonds the molecular structure and characteristics inherent in bio-collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Unlike artificial crosslinking that use chemical or physical methods, the technique allows the product to form a dense rubber-like bonding structure, which gives the substance superior biocompatibility, ductility (extensibility) and surface stickiness.

Such characteristics allow a mass-production of upgraded biomaterials that retain high physical strength and low degradability, which preserves its form and is not easily soluble when interacting with liquid forms.

The patented substance has broad applications for regenerative medical products of various formulations, the company said.

“The technology helps form an ideal environment for inducing tissue regeneration as the substance is similar to that of a living tissue,” said Seo. “The patent acquisition is meaningful as the biomaterials sector is highly dependent on imports and the Japanese market is known for its world-class research results and industrialization.”

The company 세원셀론텍 expects that the material will be useful for product developments in dental care and plastic surgery, Seo added.


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