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Ewha professor tells students to get plastic surgery to find ‘good man’
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.11.14 12:10
  • Updated 2017.11.20 17:17
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A professor at Ewha Womans University told medical school students that they should “get cosmetic surgery on their face or their body to meet a good man,” according to university students who claimed anonymity.

Ewha students posted the professor’s comments on a school bulletin board on campus Sunday, accusing the professor of making misogynist remarks that humiliated the all-female student population and the university founder, Mary Scranton.

The poster outlined remarks the professor made during lectures, which included him saying “An occupation where women make up more than half is on the decline. The best thing (for you) is to study, of course, but also put some effort into (your) face to meet a good man. You need first to fix your face (with cosmetic surgery). Or fix your body.”

The professor repeated the same remarks throughout several of his classes, the poster said.

He also reportedly insulted the university founder, Mary Scranton, by calling her an “ajumma” -- a denigrating term for middle-aged women -- and saying that “(this old lady) just followed her son here… because she had nothing else to do.”

A student notified the school of the professor’s remarks made in a freshmen lecture two weeks ago.

School authorities said they are investigating the “grave” case at a human resource committee. The school has confirmed that the statements with the professor directly last Monday and will make sure it does not happen again, it said.

The professor has issued a public apology in a Monday morning lecture, the university added.


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