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AMC team publishes 4th edition book on facial cosmetic surgery
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.11.17 16:15
  • Updated 2017.11.17 16:15
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A team led by Professors Ko Kyung-seok, Hong Joon-pyo, and Choi Jung-woo of Asan Medical Center has published a book on the field of facial cosmetic surgery and reconstruction, the hospital said Friday.

Titled “New Neligan’s Plastic surgery textbook,” the book is the fourth edition that follows up the third version written in 2012, which recorded the most massive amount of views that received the attention from cosmetic surgeons from around the world.

The fourth edition of “New Neligan’s Plastic surgery textbook” has been published by Professors Ko Kyung-seok, Hong Joon-pyo, and Choi Jung-woo.

While Professors Ko and Choi had added the part of “Asians eyes and nose and contouring of maxillofacial surgery” compiled by Japanese surgeons until the early 2000s in the 4th revision, the two have also written facial cosmetic techniques from Korean cosmetic surgeons, which represent the Hallyu -- the Korean wave of pop culture.

Professors Ko and Choi have also explained their experiences in the book with detail so that foreign plastic surgeons can understand and perform a variety of surgical procedures. These include eye-lift surgery, nose surgery using various cartilage and autologous tissue, the latest techniques of jaw surgery and jaw surgery, Asian chin deformity, and athlete surgery for facial asymmetry patients.

Professor Hong was in charge of writing the field of "soft-tissue reconstruction using free flaps.” It is one of the most widely used surgical methods in the plastic surgery field because it cannot be solved by skin graft or utilized for soft tissue defect and chronic wounds.

Because advanced surgical techniques are still required in the reconstruction of lower limbs, Hong, who is known as the authority of reconstructive plastic surgery internationally, will completely reinterpret the classification of the flap and will provide an opportunity for the world's plastic surgeons to study new fields in the future, the hospital said.

"Korean plastic surgery has recently won global recognition as leading the development of cosmetic and reconstructive cosmetics around the world,” Choi said. "This revised edition of the plastic surgery textbook was presented by the medical team of Asan Medical Center and once again showed the development of Korean plastic surgery symbolically and will contribute to the development of science through the development of the technique and the theoretical establishment.”


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