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Koreans weigh in on what it means to be beautiful: survey
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.11.28 12:10
  • Updated 2017.11.28 12:10
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A 2015 survey revealed what Koreans consider beautiful – having the eyes of Kim Tae-hee, the nose of Han Ga-in, and the lips of Song Hye-kyo.

An "attractive Korean face" created by combining features of 15 of the most popular Korean female celebrities such as Kim Tae-hee, Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, and Han Ga-in.

The cross-sectional survey by Hugel, Shinhan University College of Nursing, and Professor Rhee Seung-chul from Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital asked 290 people (141 males and 148 females) what they thought of Korean beauty and plastic surgery.

Seoul is sometimes hailed as the capital of plastic surgery, with results from the survey showing only 2.8 percent opposing cosmetic surgery. The rest said they were in favor of plastic surgery (38.3 percent) or neutral (37.2 percent).

A 2015 Gallup Korea report also showed 65 percent found it acceptable to get plastic surgery to get a job or get married, the survey outlined.

Participants also weighed in on which facial features were the most beautiful by rating 39 of the most popular Korean female celebrities on a scale of 1 to 100.

According to the survey, 90.8 percent thought Kim Tae-hee to be the most attractive, followed by Jun Ji-hyun (89.9 percent), Song Hye-kyo (89.4 percent), Han Ga-in (87.9 percent), Moon Chae-won (86 percent), and Lee Young-ae (85.3 percent).

When asked about facial features, Kim Tae-hee was deemed to have the most beautiful eyes, skin, and face shape. Han Ga-in had the most beautiful nose, and Song Hye-kyo had the most beautiful lips.

In particular, 40.7 percent of respondents said Kim Tae-hee had the most beautiful facial shape, followed by Jun Ji-hyun (21.4 percent), and Song Hye-kyo (21 percent). Kim Tae-hee also ranked first with the most beautiful eyes at 35.9 percent, followed by Moon Chae-won (24.5 percent), Song Hye-kyo (24.1 percent) and Han Ga-in (23.1 percent).

Han Ga-in was considered to have the most beautiful nose with 42.8 percent, followed by Kim Tae-hee (27.2 percent), Moon Chae-won (25.5 percent), and Jun Ji-hyun (23.1 percent).

Song Hye-kyo (26.2 percent) and Jun Ji-hyun (20.7 percent) were regarded as having the most attractive lips.

The study, which included 199 members of the general public and 72 doctors, also highlighted differences on what determines beauty between the two groups.

Around 93 percent of medical professionals thought harmony between the eyes, nose, and lips was the most crucial element of a beautiful face, while 96 percent of the general public cited skin condition as the most critical.

Regarding how people got information about plastic surgery, 78 percent said mass media -- such as the Internet (50 percent), television (20.6 percent), and newspapers or magazines (7.8 percent) -- was the most prominent source, while 28.4 percent said they got information from acquaintances or relatives.

The most valuable information came from postoperative surgical results of other people (58.1 percent) and recommendations made by acquaintances or relatives (18.4 percent), the study said.

“Our study shows that contemporary Koreans place a high importance on skin condition in their assessment of facial beauty, and they also take into consideration not only static or structural facial beauty but also facial expressions,” Professor Rhee wrote.

“We predict that Korean beauty trends will gradually change from a focus on static and structural aspects to dynamic aspects such as facial expression [and] an increased demand for minimally invasive aesthetic plastic surgical procedures,” he added.


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