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Korea Biomedical Review’s ‘Top 20’ news
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.12.31 10:59
  • Updated 2017.12.31 10:59
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By all accounts, 2017 was an eventful year for Korea’s medical and pharmaceutical industries. The nation witnessed a North Korean soldier recuperating from multiple gunshots after his daredevil escape from the hermit kingdom and the trauma surgeon who brought him back to life, to domestic pharmaceutical companies making it big in the global market.

To give our readers firm grasp of what most worried them and drew their interests, Korea Biomedical Review has compiled its top 20 news. This year’s top news items consist of various topics ranging from the chronicles of the North Korean soldier’s defection and his recovery, to lighter subject such as pelvic beauty boom and Korea’s unique medical culture.

However, since every reader has different interests and priorities, the selected news might not cover some of our readers’ favorites. If so, please mention which article should have been chosen in the comment section below. – Ed.

1 Parasites make treatment of N. Korean defector harder, doctor says by Marian Chu 2017-11-15
2 New surgery can create ‘pelvis beauty' by Constance Williams 2017-03-09
3 ‘Pelvic beauty’ becomes achievable, Harvard professor says by Constance Williams 2017-10-20
4 Gilead’s hepatitis B therapy to vie with 20 Korean therapies by Lee Hye-seon 2017-08-14
5 Ewha professor tells students to get plastic surgery to find ‘good man’ by Marian Chu 2017-11-14
6 Gilead Sciences keeps on rolling in Korea: Why? by Park Gi-taek 2017-05-11
7 Has the time come when doctors prescribe exercises as medicine? by Kwak Sung-sun 2017-07-24
8 Defector provides glimpse into N. Korean soldiers’ lives by Marian Chu 2017-11-16
9 N. Korean defector has hepatitis B, inactive tuberculosis by Marian Chu 2017-11-22
10 ‘Let's protect patients until complete cure of hepatitis B comes’ by Park Gi-taek 2017-08-28
11 'Botox war' erupts in Korea by Lee Hye-seon 2017-03-15
12 Taegyo: how the rich pamper their fetuses by Marian Chu 2017-08-31
13 Korea one of the first countries to issue warnings on finasteride by Marian Chu 2017-07-05
14 Doctors suspect health risks in overeating of ‘miyeokguk’ by Marian Chu 2017-06-13
15 Boryung Pharm wins $37.7 million contract in Africa by Marian Chu 2017-06-09
16 N. Korean defector ‘dust off’ by US Army’s air medics by Marian Chu 2017-11-16
17 Mother sues McDonald’s for causing her girl’s ‘Hamburger disease’ by Constance Williams 2017-07-06
18 Surge of ‘princess' surgery’ tells much about gender roles by Marian Chu 2017-04-13
19 Pharmaceutical industry wants to use medical big data at public organizations by Nam Doo-hyun 2017-06-14
20 Seoul Medical Center :Finding a new way of public healthcare in service design by Song Soo-youn 2017-02-22


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