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Myongji hospital, developing stem cells etc.…Opening a Cell Treatment CenterCancer-fighting immune cells etc. treatment and research.. Launching GMP facility this year
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2016.12.19 09:29
  • Updated 2017.02.20 16:42
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Myongji hospital opened the cell treatment center and started their research, the clinical trial, and treatment of stem cell and cancer-fighting immune cell treatment.

Myongji hospital will have the GMP facility to develop cell treatment medicine and will produce qualified medicine on its own.

With the law titled ‘High-tech regenerative medicine’ that has been prepared for about 2 years to launch, the center has a system for clinical trials and research cooperation with domestic companies such as LMP BIO, L&K BIOMED, Core System, Green Cross Cell, etc.

The construction of the GMP facility(600㎡) that is divided in 3 units will be start early November, be completed late next March, and will open next June after test operations and authorization processes. Myongji hospital and LMP BIO will operate it together.

The clinical trials of the center are stem cell treatment including a Lou Gehrig’s disease clinic and cancer-fighting immune cell treatment with immune cells.

The Lou Gehrig’s disease clinic will conduct treatments using autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell with the cooperation of Core System and specialists from the neurology division, rehabilitation medical division, internal medicine division, ENT division as well as a rehabilitation team, a speech therapy team, and a nutrition team.

It will conduct research and clinical trials to treat Lupus disease using stem cells with the cooperation of the rheumatism division at Hanyang University.

Myongji hospital will carry out cancer-fighting cell treatments such as liver cancer and brain tumor with the cooperation of Green Cross Cell. And it will conduct clinical research to expand treatments such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Lee Wang-Jun, the chairman of the board at Myongji medical foundation, said “Korean regenerative medicine technology is ahead of other countries, but there are still difficulties institutionally and legally after the Woo-Sok Whang incident. We will try to be a leader in ‘the regenerative medicine’ field that is the most innovative in future medicine as well as will be a connector between bio and medical industry.”

Meanwhile, many people such as major executives including Lee Wang-Jun, the chairman of the board at Myongji medical foundation, chairman Kim Kook-Jin at L&K BIOMED, CEO Ko Byung-Gi at LMP BIO, CEO Han Sang-Hong at Green Cross Cell, and CEO Kim Kyung-Sook at Core System attended in the opening ceremony.


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