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Theragen ETEX to supply gene analysis platform to China
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.01.17 16:32
  • Updated 2018.01.17 16:32
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Theragen ETEX, a Korean genomics company, said Wednesday that it has signed an agreement to supply its gene analysis platform to Dream Unite, a Chinese healthcare consortium.

Under the agreement, Theragen ETEX aims to provide 500,000 to 800,000 Hellogene services cases, which amounts to 85.3 billion won ($ 80 million), over a three-year span. The company is also planning to supply various gene analysis services that match local characteristics.

Theragen ETEX Bio Institute CEO Hwang Tae-soon (right) and Dream Unite Chairwoman Yang Hongmei sign the supply agreement for the supply of Hellogene solution, at the latter’s hospital in Chengdu, China, Tuesday.

The company expects that the contract will provide a more systematic and broader gene analysis service business throughout China, while Dream Unite plans to grow its new business of "lifelong health management program.”

The consortium plans to provide the Hellogene solution for three of its hospitals, including a newly built Dreamer Healthcare Hospital, a 400-bed general hospital with a large-scale laboratory for genetic analysis system.

“Through the gene analysis project with Dream Unite, the company aims to achieve the two companies’ shared goal of raising the quality of life in an age where people live to be a 100-year old,” said Hwang Tae-soon, CEO of Theragen ETEX Bio Institute. “Our company plans expand its market to suit global trends by managing personalized health and wellness.”

Theragen ETEX has been growing through research and development of its genetic analysis and business. The company currently provides its gene analysis services to more than 50 countries.


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