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New local prescription drugs performed well in 2017
  • By So Jae-hyeon
  • Published 2018.01.19 13:46
  • Updated 2018.01.19 13:46
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Novel drugs developed by domestic pharmaceutical companies achieved substantial growth in outpatient prescription sales last year, industry data showed Friday. Among such firms were Boryung Pharmaceutical, LG Chem, Chong Kun Dang, and Dong-A ST.

According to data from drug market researcher U-BIST, Boryung Pharm’s high blood pressure fighting drug Kanarb (ingredient: fimasartan) and its family products showed rapid growth in outpatient prescription sales. Kanarb is Korea’s 15th novel drug.

Combined prescription sales of Kanarb, Dukarb (ingredients: fimasartan, amlodipine), Lacor (ingredients: fimasartan, hydrochlorothiazide), and Tuvero (ingredients: fimasartan, rosuvastatin) surged 14.7 percent to 54.23 billion won ($50.77 million) last year from 47.28 billion won ($44.26 million) in 2016. Dongwha Pharm sells Lacor and Tuvero.

LG Chem’s Zemiglo (ingredient: gemigliptin), an antidiabetic drug using the DPP-4 (dipeptidyl peptidase-4) inhibitor, and its product lines also performed well.

Prescription sales of the single therapy Zemiglo reached 29.03 billion won, and combination drug Gemimet, 44.77 billion won. The combined sales of the two drugs jumped 32.5 percent to 73.81 billion won last year from 55.73 billion won a year earlier.

Chong Kun Dang’s Duvie (ingredient: lobeglitazone), an antidiabetic drug in the thiazolidinedione (TZD) class, and metformin combo Duvimet also went up in prescription sales last year.

The 2017 sale of Duvimet increased three-fold from a year earlier, and that of Duvie, 7 percent to 17.09 billion won.

Dong-A ST and JW Pharmaceuticals enjoyed a sales growth of new drugs, on the back of their combo drugs.

Dong-A ST’s Sugamet (ingredients: evogliptin sold under trade name Suganon, metformin) posted 3.61 billion won in prescription sales last year, surging 159.6 percent from a year earlier. JW Pharmaceutical’s dyslipidemia treatment Livaro V (ingredients: pitavastatin under trade name Livaro, valsartan) expanded 70.6 percent in prescription sales that reached 7.32 billion won last year.

Ilyang Pharm’s Noltec (ingredient: ilaprazole) posted 22.96 billion won of prescription sales last year, up 25.1 percent from 18.36 billion won in 2016.

Daewon Pharmaceutical’s fever remedy and painkiller Pelubi (ingredient: pelubiprofen) marked 13.49 billion won in 2017 prescription sales, rising 58.6 percent from 8.58 billion won in the previous year.

Crystal Genomics’ Acelex, sold by Dong-A ST, achieved 5.29 billion won prescription sales last year; Dongwha Pharm’s Zabolante, 41 million won; Ildong Pharm’s Besivo, 7 million won; and Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Olita, 175 million won.


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