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M3DICINE unveils AI-enabled stethoscope system
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.01.31 10:54
  • Updated 2018.01.31 10:54
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M3DICINE, an Australian medical device design, and manufacturing company, announced that it has launched Stethee, the world’s first AI-enabled stethoscope system.

The product lineup, which consists of three core products -- Stethee Pro, Stethee Vet, and Stethee Edu-- allows users to listen to heart and lungs sounds with refined amplification and filtering technology. It also instantly captures and analyzes heart and lung sounds and sent the data to a selected phone via Bluetooth.

The technology platform runs on an AI engine named Aida, which analyzes heart and lung sounds to build up a biometric signature fitted for a single individual. Aida also automatically tags geolocation and environmental data to each sample in real-time. The engine analyzes this encrypted and anonymized data to learn and report back quantitative clinically actionable data to doctors, vets, and healthcare professionals.

Such functions can provide an entirely new dimension of data analytics for public health planning allowing medical professionals or researchers to factor in environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, pollen count or pollution have on our heart and lungs.

The company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korea Telecom (KT) for the distribution of Stethee Pro and remote telemedicine projects in Korea. It also has an exclusive distribution agreement with Cargill Korea for the supply and distribution of Stethee Vet to veterinarians.

The Australian Embassy in Seoul welcomed the launch of Stethee in a media release on Wednesday.

“The Stethee products will provide a whole new level of diagnostic capability that will improve people’s lives,” Australian Ambassador James Choi said. “The partnership M3DICINE has formed with both Korea Telecom and Cargill Korea is a clear demonstration of the shared benefits of scientific collaboration.”

M3DICINE will join the growing number of exciting Australian companies whose presence is benefiting Korean consumers, Choi added.


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