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New surgery can create ‘pelvis beauty'Konyang U team conducts world's first pelvic operation
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.03.09 16:35
  • Updated 2017.09.22 11:29
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Plastic surgeons have long replaced gods and parents as the ultimate decider of women’s beauty in Korea. A local medical team has just extended its long arm to hitherto untrodden body part -- pelvis.

Konyang University Hospital’s orthopedic team has unveiled the results of its study on the cosmesis of the pelvis in the “IMCAS Paris 2017,” jointly with Professor Won Yu-kwon of the Harvard Medical School, the university said Thursday.

Global cosmetic and skin system authorities, thousands of researchers and businesspeople attended the 19th annual meeting of IMCAS or International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS).

The surgery attaches metal and silicone implants to the pelvic bone.

So far, people have known they cannot correct the innate structure of pelvis or change its size. The Korean team has reversed such a belief, by proving pelvises can be subject to plastic surgery.

The surgery is a relatively simple procedure, in which surgeons incise the pelvic skin, and place the metallic and silicone implants on the pelvic bone to fix it, the entire process of which ends in just half an hour.

Correcting for congenital anomalies and acquired deformities of the pelvic bones have become possible. Particularly for beauty-conscious women, enlargement surgery will also be possible if the pelvis is small, meaning it can create the so-called “pelvis beauty,” a hospital official said.

"It will be good news for those who have a complex because of the appearance of their pelvis,” said Professor Lee Ki-Su, an orthopedic surgeon at Konyang University Hospital. The operation has received an international patent and will be presented at “IMCAS America 2017,” too.

Photos focus on a pelvis before and after the surgery.


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Comments 3
  • vijay tigura 2018-12-17 04:03:04

    39 yrs,male with small pelvis & narrow rib cage. My Pelvis is very small & rib cage is narrow & more curved inwards, due to this my body doesn't balance properly & my internal organs are getting congested. I want my whole pelvis to expand followed by pushing my ribs back or even expanding rib cage   삭제

    • Vijay Tigura 2018-09-08 00:53:49

      My Pelvis is very small, due to this my body doesn't balance properly and also I don't get enough base to sit properly because my sit bones are very narrow.

      I want my whole pelvis to expand - so my pelvic floor, Pelvic cavity, my hip joints and my subpubic angle

      Please write me back immediately an   삭제

      • vijay tigura 2018-09-08 00:31:34

        I want to extend my whole Pelvis, my pelvis is very small and even my hip bones are narrow, so I cant able to balance my body and also I don't get enough base to sit as my sit bones are narrow too. I want to extend my whole pelvis - pelvic floor along with hip joints and also my subpubic angle.   삭제

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