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Pharmicell, GC Healthcare to collaborate on stem cell treatment business
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.02.26 12:25
  • Updated 2018.02.26 12:25
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Pharmicell and GC Healthcare signed a business agreement to expand their stem cell treatment business Friday.

Under the accord, the two companies will be carrying out various projects related to stem cell treatment sales by combining the technical know-how and development workforce of Pharmicell with the marketing infrastructure of GC Healthcare.

Both companies expect that the new agreement will allow their stem cell business to enter the Chinese market. In particular, Pharmicell believes it will make their business more resilient by attracting many patients in China.

“This is in part because the demand for stem cell therapy in China is increasing and because GC Healthcare has strong medical tourism infrastructure in the country,” Pharmicell said in a statement.

Based on its network in China, GC Healthcare has established close cooperative systems with Korean hospitals and has been carrying out various projects by attracting patients through medical tourism product planning.

“We are concentrating our efforts on maximizing business opportunities in stem cell therapy,” a Pharmicell official said. “This business cooperation will offer a good opportunity to increase sales on stem cell therapy products based on the solid infrastructure of GC Healthcare.”

GC Healthcare also showed enthusiasm for their cooperative ties.

“The company plans to expand its stem cell treatment business with the start of medical tourism,” a company official said. “We hope that our medical tour business will gain momentum by working with Pharmicell, which has a reliable stem cell treatment.”


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