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Drugmakers shift PR focus to corporate brand
  • By So Jae-hyeon
  • Published 2018.03.14 16:02
  • Updated 2018.03.14 16:02
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Local drugmakers and biotech companies started to shift the focus of public relations activities from products to corporate brand and value.

Medytox, GC Pharma, Celltrion, Whanin Pharm, and Guju Pharm are airing commercials on TV and radio. Unlike in the past where they tried to present their products, they are focusing on advertising their R&D, health, corporate philosophy, or corporate value.

Medytox’ advertisement has a theme, “researching human time.” The ad shows the concept of time, human, and the world.

As a company that focuses on fillers and botulinum toxins, Medytox emphasizes that its products help people maintain the most beautiful moments for a long time.

Using the TV commercial, Medytox naturally introduces the areas it focuses on. The company reveals its commitment to becoming a global company by showing a map of the world in the advertisement.

“We created the advertisement to talk about why the company exists in our society and what it intends to do. By converting the conventional pharmaceutical advertising, we tried to express our willingness to become a global biotech company emotionally,” Medytox said.

Screenshots from Medytox’ TV commercial

GC Pharma made an advertisement to introduce its new corporate identity.

In the GC Pharma’s TV commercial, an image of a researcher comes out with phrases such as “the world’s first vaccine for epidemic hemorrhagic fever,” “the world’s second chickenpox vaccine,” “the world’s third hepatitis B vaccine.” The advertisement introduces GC Pharmas’ spirit by showing the statement, “Great challenge is not only in games.”

The drugmaker aired the commercial during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics season, which apparently created a synergy effect on PR with an image of a ski resort.

“We had to introduce that our company changed the name from Green Cross to GC Pharma. Also, we wanted to advertise what our company has done so far. So, we started publishing the ad since February,” an official at GC Pharma said.

Celltrion made a corporate advertisement for the 15th anniversary of its founding in February last year. Its TV commercial featured the company's present and future, using phrases such as “running against bias” and “a leading player in the Korean biopharmaceutical industry.”

Whanin Pharm’s radio advertisement reads, “Away from the pain of a disease, we cherish the life. We put product quality before its name.” The company also sponsors the popular radio segment, “Finding Our Voice,” to contribute to the preservation of Korean traditional music.

Pharmaceutical industry officials said that the impact of corporate advertising is more significant than merely promoting products.

“It is difficult to tell the audience easily about corporate value and vision. Such advertisements will naturally introduce corporate values, which will raise the credibility of the products in the end,” an industry executive said.


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