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Medical school professors have highest job satisfaction: report
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2018.05.08 18:09
  • Updated 2018.05.08 18:09
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Korean professors at medical and pharmacy schools were the most satisfied with their jobs in 2016 even though doctors got paid more on average, a Korea Employment Information Service survey showed.

According to the survey, professors in the medical field had an average salary of 80.1 million won ($74,400) and ranked number one regarding job satisfaction.

Medical school professors ranked number one regarding job satisfaction, according to a 2016 survey by the Korea Employment Information Service.

The job satisfaction criteria examined factors such as social reputation, job stability, a potential for growth, working conditions, salary, and overall job task satisfaction.

Plastic surgeons also ranked high on the job satisfaction scale coming in at third place, followed by oriental medicine doctors in the 11th spot, ear-nose-and-throat doctors in 12th, surgeons in 19th, psychiatrists in 22nd, ophthalmologists in 23rd, and internal medicine doctors in 25th.

Source: Korea Employment Information Service

The survey also indicated that the highest salary did not equal to highest job satisfaction.

By salary, surgeons made the most with around an average of 110 million won ($102,000) followed by dentists with 107.2 million won ($99,440), ophthalmologists with 104.2 million won ($96,700), internal medicine doctors with 95 million won ($88,160), and oriental doctors with 92.2 million won ($85,560).

Regarding the findings, Professor Ahn Duck-sun from Korea University Medical College noted that the high job satisfaction could come from the privilege of working as both a teacher and doctor.

“Traditionally, Korean society values knowledge and a teaching job so working as a doctor and professor – that’s a privileged position. This may be why medical school professors feel a sense of satisfaction,” Ahn said.

“But the job is demanding and stressful, considering professors have to not only provide clinical services but also meet research requirements. Promotion is based on research outcomes that are evaluated and published in high ranking journals as well as research grants,” he added.


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