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‘Baxter’s Theranova dialyzer better than conventional devices’
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2018.05.30 14:29
  • Updated 2018.05.30 14:29
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Baxter’s Theranova, a blood filter for artificial kidneys, can be more effective in removing uremic substances than conventional hemodialysis devices, an expert said. Baxter released the product last year.

Chang Jai-won, a professor at nephrology department of Asan Medical Center, expressed his opinion about Theranova when he spoke on “how Theranova affects dialysis patients’ nutrition improvement,” at a forum hosted by the Korean Society of Nephrology on May 19.

Professor Chang Jai-won at Asan Medical Center (Credit: Baxter)

“The hemodialysis using Theranova can be more effective than conventional high-flow hemodialysis to get rid of not only small middle molecules such as beta-2 microglobulin but also large middle molecules such as a serum-free light chain (molecular weight of 45,000 daltons),” Chang said.

“We had worried about a loss of albumin, but it did not appear in clinical practices,” he added, introducing cases of Theranova-using hemodialysis in Chonnam National University Hospital, Asan Medical Center, and Dankook University Hospital.

Chang went on to say that Theranova would help treat malnutrition in patients with end-stage renal failure.

“It is very common that patients with end-stage renal failure suffer poor nutritional status. This is due to the accumulation of middle molecular proteins that cause loss of appetite,” Chang said. “Thus, Theranova is likely to improve malnutrition caused by the protein-energy wasting (PEW).”

Theranova will also contribute to lowering mortality because PEW is also associated with complications such as cardiovascular disease and the mortality risk, according to Chang.

Baxter’s presentation at the forum aimed to promote Theranova’s clinical practices to local physicians.

“Also called as HDx (expanded hemodialysis), this method was made possible by Theranova dialysis membrane which can remove molecules with weights up to 50,000 daltons. As Theranova arrived in Korea last year, its use is not yet universal here,” Baxter said.


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