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‘Personal brand crucial in hospital business’
  • By Kwak Sung-sun
  • Published 2018.06.22 16:20
  • Updated 2018.06.22 16:23
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A renowned consultant said a hospital’s each member should build a unique personal brand to attract patients continuously.

The comments came from Her Eun-a, CEO of Yerago, who appeared in news headlines when she analyzed the behaviors of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump during their recent summit.

Her Eun-a, CEO of Yerago, speaks at the HiPex 2018 in Ilsan, Thursday.

As patients would wait for several hours at a mom-and-pop clinic just because they “like the doctor,” attractive individual staffs of a medical institution are a significant part of the hospital’s competitiveness, Her said.

The consultant offered her advice at the Hospital Innovation and Patient Experience Conference 2018 (HiPex 2018) at Myongji Hospital in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, Thursday. Her speech was titled, “Personal branding strategy to enhance hospital’s competitiveness.”

She said a personal brand is shaped by internal management, external management, family management, and self-management. Medical institution employees should find their own identity and manage it, she emphasized.

“Charm is ‘a power to capture a person’s mind.’ Many studies have found that attractive people are competitive,” Her said. “Hospitals can become competitive by being attractive. The charm of a hospital comes from the charm of individual members of the hospital,” she added.

All the members of a hospital, including physicians, nurses, and managers should manage their attractiveness, and they can start by finding their identity, Her said.

“We should make a patient who visited a hospital by chance come again. We shouldn’t let the patient think, ‘I should’ve visited where I used to go.’ To do so, we shouldn’t think about why it was not working when we did everything we could. Instead, we should ponder upon why the patients don’t respond the way we wanted them to,” she said.

Doctors, nurses, and managers need to know why they work there to discover an identity so that they can move on with the identity, she added. “There is no goodness or badness in identity, but it is important to keep that identity in every behavior,” she said.

Her went on to say that there will be an era of individuals where big or small does not have much meaning, but a personal brand is all it takes.

“You shouldn’t say you can do everything well but manage yourself well. You will be able to play a professional role for a long time by developing your brand,” Her added.


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