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GC Labcell wins Chinese patent for tech cultivating natural killer cells
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.07.04 17:27
  • Updated 2018.07.04 17:27
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GC Labcell said it has completed its patent registration related to the cultivation of natural killer (NK) cells in China.

Beijing is the fourth government that approved the company’s patent after the Brussels, Tokyo and Washington. The patents acquired by the company relates to natural killer cell mass production and freezing technology.

NK cells are innate immune cells that immediately destroy cancer cells or abnormal cells in human body. However, the cells are difficult to cultivate and have a short activation period, which makes mass volume production and long-term stability vital for the treatment’s commercialization.

The company is running phase 2 clinical trial for MG4101, a liver cancer treatment using NK cells. The substance is presently the leading natural killer cell treatment preparing for commercialization.

“With the registration of this patent, we expect to spur growth in Asia,” said Hwang Yu-kyung, director of Green Cross Labcell’s cell therapy research center. “GC Labcell has become the world leader in the field by steadily acquiring the unique technologies required for the development of natural killer cell therapy.”


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